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Here is a sample of our process for a client that wanted to reinvigorate the company image.  See the pleasant day-to-day living in these Montreal apartment buildings . . . and also the poetic and fantastical behind-the-scenes.


STEP 3:  We asked the client for images and words that came to mind when thinking about his, and his buildings' "story".  This is one of our techniques to uncover what the client wants.  During that week, he chose to email them randomly to us.  After collecting all his words and images, combined with the rest of the information we gathered, we better got an idea of who he was, what kind of business he had and what kind of campaign he wanted. 

Why do you . . . ?

Ideally, what do you . . . ?

Where would . . ?

How does . . . ?

What if . . .?

STEP 2:  We asked questions. We always ask a lot of questions. Very quickly, we discerned that the client's initial idea of a virtual tour was more his conclusion of what he expected us to do and not in fact what he wanted!  We then explored what he really wanted.   


STEP 6:  Production & post-production:  Shot with the Red Epic camera, there were two 18 hour dawn to dusk days of makeup, wardrobe, installations, lighting and of everything coming together, then, weeks of editing, color-correcting and adding the all-important tweaks and special touches . . .

STEP 5:  We assembled the talent. With our amazing team of accomplished artists, technicians and wizards, we storyboard the story and the 'feeling'.  Then there's more brainstorming about how to take action and what equipment to use. 

STEP 4:  The brainstorm sessions!  We brainstorm at length to unearth meaning and a story.  After lots of coffee and emails and phone calls, and once the client felt we were ''dead on", we then went to work confidently on a storyboard for a video encompasing everything that was conveyed to us.


(Client's actual images and words)

STEP 1:  We met with the client, a real estate owner that operates three high-rise apartment buildings in Montreal.  He initially asked us to make a video showing different aspects of his buildings.  He was thinking of shots panning rooms, lobbies, and corridors as a type of virtual tour of his buildings.


A step-by-step look

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spirit of place










feelings more than facts






Meet client


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. . . to make the magic happen!

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STEP 7:  Exploring further marketing possibilities . . . like elegant and fresh company stationery with scenes from the video!  With the images that we shot (each frame of which can be blownup and picture framed), we created high quality stationery that the client could use on folders to give to potential new clients, for greeting cards that can be mailed to tenants and stakeholders, and even be sold commercially with the company name, logo and website on the back.

STEP 8:  The company website could now be reinvigorated and revamped again with the beautiful images that we shot in the video.


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