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writing - copy editing - proofreading


the right words used the right way make a world of a difference




Mumsa ensures that your written content is excellent, accurate, effective and on time.  Whether it's for yourself, your business or project, we offer versatile, individually crafted writing, copy editing and proofreading aimed at clearly communicating your message while conveying your voice and sincere sentiment.













Does your written content clearly and effectively convey your meaning?


If you are unsure about your content, we can give you input and advice, allowing you to improve upon it before submission, posting or printing.





If your material is inaccurate, vague, illogical, or full of errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, then it can negatively impact your reputation, your authority and professionalism!  

We can help you with:


•  marketing material                                     •  job and academic cover letters

•  manuscripts                                               •  resumes

•  speeches                                                   •  fiction

•  letters of recommendation                         •  French to English translation

•  personal and official correspondences     •  personal letters to family or friends

•  research                                                     •  blog and web content 



- George Herbert

Good words are worth much, and cost little.

We look at:

•  tempering your message
•  polishing the way you come across
•  focusing your ideas

•  proper English usage

•  style, grammar and spelling

We can support you in:

•  making complex material or jargon more accessible

•  persuasively structuring a point

•  making a compelling case

•  thoughtfully responding to a problem or an argument

•  expressing your suitability for a position


''I need help writing this thing!!''


                                                                         - You


We'd love to hear about your latest ideas, projects and goals



we listen...

your story&vision create the spark

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Denmark +45 21 91 70 56

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