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I was trudging to work one cold morning. I had just finally dropped off our daughter at daycare. Trine and I had been managing beautifully for weeks, dressing our toddler for subzero weather with a tightly choreographed pit stop technique. This, in itself deserves a blog post, if not an entire book! But that morning, our little girl caught on to us and triumphantly thwarted our plan to get her out of the house on time. All this to say, I was way behind in my day, still preoccupied with ways to outsmart our four year old when I bumped into my lovely friend Asma. She picked up on my discouragement and graciously listened to my resignation that I wouldn't accomplish much that day. Then --she said IT in her charming way:

"Darling, everyday the wow is in our control!"

That was it!

It so happened that for close to a year, Trine and I had been looking for a new tagline for our little company that helps people grow their lives and businesses. We'd been looking for something that suggested:

Empowerment • Excitement • Achievement • Beauty • Possibilities • Curiosity • Inspiration

Our elusive tagline, Trine agreed, was close. We took out the "darling" (as much as I would've loved keeping it!) and after some tweaks, we placed the text on top of photos of us in a magnificent Danish Canola field for our website, and us in a winter landscape for this blog post. And voila!

"Each day, the wow is in your control!". It’s a terrific positive affirmation that inspires us in our particular lives, our work and our relationships; with family, friends, colleagues and clients.

Had we not been working on our tagline for so long, I would've perhaps not heard Asma and not appreciated how perfect that sentiment and those words were for us and our business! I was certainly energized for the rest of that cold day!

Thank you Asma Khan.

And sayonara Winter. Hello Spring!



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