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Colleen and Ali (and Charlie)


Stephanie et Olivier

Marian og Thomas

Michele et Kim

Lene og Torben

Stephanie and Andrew



Every time a meet a new couple, it's a gift to me. I feel blessed that i'm invited in to witness their very special and intimite moments.


There's something beautiful in every connection, especially when two people have made a commitment to stay connected for life.


When I work, it's my intuition that brings me forward trusting that the images will emerge if I take the time to be still.


My passion lies in the details and the observing of what is human in us.  I work with curiosity and playfulness, enjoying the feelings and forms that unfold in front of me.


Every job is different.  And I like it that way.  So please contact me for the practical details and pricing.


I very much look forward to meeting you.


Trine Veiss Mikkelsen

   +1 514 653 1635 

   +45 21 91 70 56

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