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and how to improve the communication culture in your organization





Mumsa believes that listening is our most important tool.  It's central to understanding and connecting with clients and colleagues (and everyone else in our personal lives!). 


We teach listening workshops that can help support you and your organization.



















In addition to strategies on how to improve business, the workshop's aim is to impart upon the participants with a more all-encompassing spirit of communion and a greater quality of awareness.


The workshop is inspired by:


















Key benefits:


•  Learn new tools and techniques in listening.

•  Improve or change the communication culture in your organization (and home!)
•  Acquire skills in figuring out what the client really wants.
•  Be familiar with comfortable environments conducive to sincere and open dialogue.
•  Promote a spirit of collaboration and help avoid misunderstanding.

•  Improve your likeability and connection with others.

•  Cultivate curiousity.

•  Enjoy your work and relationships more.

•  Improve productivity and client satisfaction.

•  Understanding that listening well is essential . . . professionally and personally.

•  Active Listening

•  Non-Conflict Communication

•  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

•  Yoga



learning environment


by doing


to support you

friendly and

very human


Besides for business, we've taught workshops to various kinds of organizations, especially those with frontline staff that deal with stressed or anxious clients, such as:

•  Non-profit organizations

•  Schools

•  Government offices

•  Women and homeless shelters

•  Hospitals and clinics


Individual or group training workshops are available at your location. Please contact us regarding the needs of your organization.



Jean-Michel is a frequent guest lecturer in my communications classes at McGill University. Indeed, he has taught Listening Skills to my Internal Communications as well as Communications and Networking students.

He is an entertaining, respectful speaker and lecturer who has won the high praise from my students for his engaging presentations.

Jean-Michel should be teaching or leading listening workshops more often. Communication barriers abound across many lines in today’s fast-paced world and Jean-Michel has both the skills and experience to help us break them down.


                                              BRENDAN WALSH
                                              McGILL UNIVERSITY
                                              Montreal, Qc


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