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Mumsa helps NGO with a campaign that literally stops traffic


We volunteered our services at the NDG Food Depot ( and sat down with then newly-minted executive director and superstar community organizer Fiona Keats.  We wanted to devise a low-cost campaign that would increase much needed support for this very important community organization. 


As per our practice, we listened and asked many questions.  We learned about the organization and its objectives: 


                   •  to use food as a vehicle to build strong relationships and self-reliance

                      •  to help alleviate social isolation and promote community

                      •  to inform the public about issues of poverty and hunger

                      •  to work toward creating a more sustainable food system

                      •  to get more word out about the NDG Food Depot


What we came up with would become not only hugely (and we mean HUGELY) successful, but also an annual tradition . . . and it was a real hoot to do!


The plan was a Michael Jackson Thriller march on Halloween night through the streets of the NDG neighbourhood.  Information pamphlets about the NDG Food Depot and the locations where people could make donations would be distributed while kindhearted zombies would go around recruiting needed volunteers.  The local press was notified about the event.  The word would be put out that we would have rehearsals for those who wanted to participate and learn the iconic choreography.


This campaign was a massive and unprecedented boon for the organization.  They collected an extraordinary amount of donation dollars . . . four years in a row, warehouse reserves of food and so many new, enthusiastic and dynamic volunteers.


For us, apart from the joy of creating a highly successful campaign for a really worthy cause, we also ended up making many new friends and we enjoyed building community and experiencing the magic of collaboration.  By far, this was one of our most satisfying projects and one that we're darned proud of!



We really needed help.  I contacted Tamara (Kramer) and Jean-Michel and they took the time to understand what we're all about.  Not only were the results amazingly impressive, but so are they!! 

                                              FIONA KEATS
                                              NDG FOOD DEPOT
                                              Montreal, Qc


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