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(written by Jean-Michel)


With a conspicuous openness and a great enjoyment in connecting with people, Trine is easily inspired when interacting with others socially and professionally.  She's a true student of life. She loves to learn and has such excitement about what the world has to offer.


Before settling in Montreal in 2008, Danish born Trine worked and lived in Denmark, Sweden, England and the USA as an art director, a photographer, a yoga teacher and as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) life-coach.


She has an uncanny knack for making connections and articulating the bigger picture in very simple and obvious terms.


She is remarkably creative, loves the beauty in the detail, she is a great storyteller, refreshingly genuine, grounded, focused, easy to connect with (if you don't mind someone looking uninterruptedly into your eyes!), hyper-Danishly responsible and very human.



(written by Trine)


If I were to point out Jean-Michel's favourite pastime (besides spending time with his girls!), it would easily be his love of making great things happen with great people.


A born and raised Montrealer, Jean-Michel has been an entrepreneur in the arts and in commerce for close to 30 years, has been a consultant to individuals and businesses and regularly volunteers with community organizations.  He has managed many creative projects and was for 4 years the workshop coordinator for Tel-Aide Montreal. He has taught not only the methods and mindset of effective listening for healthier relationships and improved productivity, but also, instilling a deeper spirit of connection and awareness. 


Jean-Michel has a comfortable and disarming manner.  As a defining characteristic, he has a great talent for, and commitment to, building collaborative relationships.  


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